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Toddler Summer Camp 2021

In 2021 we launch our 5th year of Summer Camp at Tiny Town!  Every Tuesday from 10-12pm starting June 15th. Created for the 18 month to 4 year old;  our fun, specialty, summer camp classes are designed to delight and entertain children throughout the summer.

This year Tiny Town is offering toddler camp sessions on Tuesdays from 10-12pm. Caregivers are welcome to join in the fun or feel free to find a cozy spot in town to read a good book. All toddler caregivers will need to stay on site for any diaper changing needs. 

This is not your usual, throw a bunch of kids in a big room and hope they survive summer camp; our staff are attentive, fun, and help engage with each child and their specific needs. 

Check out the Toddler Camps (ages 18 months – 4 years) available this year!

Tiny Town Summer Camp 2021: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

  • June 15 *sold out* 
  • July 26th

Beep Beep! Zoom! Choo choo! Do you love things that go? We do too! Make a pit stop this summer as we excavate a construction site, learn how things go, and even have a great race! 

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Tiny Town Summer Camp 2021: Fun on the Farm

Fun On The Farm

  • June 22 *sold out* 
  • July 28th

Oink! Moo! Cocka-doodle-do! Who makes these sounds? Pull on your muck boots and join us on the farm as we learn about farm animals, the life cycle of plants, and explore a mini-farm! 

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Tiny Town Summer Camp 2021: My Amazing Body

My Amazing Body

  • June 29th *sold out* 
  • July 29th

Lungs, stomach, liver, and heart…your amazing body works every day to keep you happy and healthy and strong! Come along with us as we shrink down and journey through the different organs and body processes that make you, YOU! 

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Tiny Town Summer Camp 2021: Mini Masters of the MET

Mini Masters of the MET

  • July 13th *sold out* 
  • July 30th

Monet…Pollock….Warhol….Oh my! Let’s get messy and learn about famous artists and their styles! We’ll use new techniques and weird materials to make amazing art that we’ll showcase in our Tiny Town Mini Museum!

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Tiny Town Summer Camp 2021: S'Mores and More

S’mores and More! 

  • July 20

Tents…s’mores….songs around the campfire…sounds like the PERFECT camping trip! Grab your backpack and head on down to Camp Tiny Town to explore nature, learn about constellations, make s’mores and more! 

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Tiny Town Summer Camp 2021: Search for Sunken Treasure

Search for Sunken Treasure

  • July 27th *sold out* 

Did you know that there is a whole world under the sea? Grab your flippers and dive into an ocean of imagination where you will be exploring shipwrecks and coral reefs, finding lost treasure, and meeting new ocean friends along the way! 

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Tiny Town Summer Camp 2021: Storm Chasers

Storm Chasers

  • August 3rd 

Today will be another rather nice day with highs in the 70’s and lows in the upper 50’s…Oh! Have you ever wondered how forecasts are made? Put on your raincoat and grab your umbrella as we make it rain, play with snow, and explore other exciting weather phenomena!

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Tiny Town Summer Camp 2021: The Magic of Music

The Magic of Music

  • August 10 *sold out* 

Do re me fa sol la ti do… do you love music? Unleash your inner music-maker as we rock to the rhythm, sing along to fun songs, explore different instruments, and get your wiggles out! 

Meet the Team

These ladies are amazing, and they love what they do! We are so excited to have Ms. G and Ms. Colón as our Lead Camp Teachers, and we are happy to welcome Lindy and Meghan as Camp Staff. They are have planned so many fun activities for your child, they won’t even realize they’re learning too! We can’t wait to meet your kiddo!

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