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2021 Summer Camp for Kids! Choose Your Own Adventure!

Choose Your Own Adventure this year as we launch our 5th year of Summer Camp at Tiny Town!

Created for 4-8 year olds, our fun, specialty, summer camp classes are designed to delight and entertain children throughout the summer.

This year Tiny Town is offering morning camp sessions from 9am-12pm. We will also offer Drop-in camp for those who need flexibility. We offer small class sizes, with 20 children or less and a student to teacher ratio of 10:1.

This is not your usual, throw a bunch of kids in a big room and hope they survive summer camp; our staff are attentive, fun, and help engage with each child and their specific needs. 


Meet the Team


Check out the Big Kids Camps (ages 4–8) available this year!


2021 Summer Camp at Tiny Town: The Lost City of Tinyville

The Lost City of Tinyville
June 14-18 and August 2-6
Archaeologists recently discovered the lost city of Tinyville! It is up to you, an intrepid urban planner will help to envision and rebuild the lost city! So roll out your maps and grab your pencils and join us as we learn all about cities and the important people in them, and even design and build your very own Tinyville! 


2021 Summer Camp at Tiny Town: Tiny Medical School

Tiny Medical School
June 21-25 and August 9-13
Pull on your lab coat, grab your stethoscope and start your first day at Tiny Medical School! You will take vital signs, patch up a scraped knee, explore the different systems and processes of the human body, see how germs grow and spread, and learn how to stay healthy and happy! 


2021 Summer Camp at Tiny Town: Breaking the Secret Agent's Code

Breaking The Secret Agent’s Code
June 28-July 2
Mayor Charlie’s key to the city has been stolen! Whoever took it has left a series of evidence and hints as to its whereabouts! He needs YOUR help to decipher clues, uncover secret messages, and solve the case. Grab your spy kit and get ready for your biggest mission yet!


2021 Summer Camp at Tiny Town: Masters of the Louvre

Masters of the Louvre
July 12-16
The Louvre is looking for their next big featured artist. Grab your art supplies and join us for a week of exploring different styles, working with unconventional materials, and making amazing art for our very own Tiny Town Mini Museum!


2021 Summer Camp at Tiny Town: The Enchanted Kingdom

The Enchanted Kingdom
July 19-23
Hop on your noble steed and trek through the enchanted forest for a week of fairies, dragons, deep sea creatures, mermaids, and giants! Experience the wonder and magic of the enchanted kingdom through epic stories, legendary crafts, and heroic quests!


2021 Summer Camp at Tiny Town: Track of the Bear

Track of the Bear
July 26-30
The Tiny Town Forest Rangers are searching for their newest recruits! Do you have what it takes to be a Ranger? Are you ready to dissect owl pellets, find out how old trees are, and see how water shapes our world? Lace up your best hiking boots and hit the trail for a week filled with scat, tracks, plants, and dirt! 


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